FntBuilder with Processing

I got frustrated trying to find a free bitmap font builder on MacOS. On windows, I used BmFont over at angelcode.com.
So I made one myself using Processing.


This is purely a developer’s tool. No GUI. Build the bitmap font through java code.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.45.05 PM

Creating a font file is quick.

Builder builder = new Builder();
builder.init(256,256,"Marker Felt", 18);
//builder.init(128,128,"ufonts.com_maestro.ttf", 32);
//builder.init(128,128,"fayet_scripts.otf", 32);

builder.smooth = true;
builder.charPadding = 10;
builder.charSpacing = 2;
builder.textColor = color(255,0,0);



img = builder.renderAllPages(512,512,true);

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